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To achieve- and maintain- a safe, successful, and profitable presence in any industry, it’s very important to stay current and up to date on the latest news, trends, developments, etc., in that field. A great way to do this is to follow mascot news, articles, video postings, Tweets, and media discussions on a regular basis.

With respect to mascots, this is especially relevant in the areas of  safety, liability, and public relations (i.e., the always sensitive issue of “political correctness” and whether a particular mascot by its very design- an “Indian Warrior” mascot, for example- might create more negative than positive PR for the organization it represents).

As a business professional, you can learn a great deal both from the successes and failures of those engaged in the same type of activities- in this case, your fellow mascot owners & operators. Armed with this information, you can then incorporate this new knowledge into your own mascot program to benefit from what they did right…and avoid the negative consequences that arose when they did something wrong.

The Kincaid Karacter Mascot Blog- which we update daily on our company Facebook Page- will keep you in the loop on all the latest international mascot news & issues via the latest social media resources, including Facebook and Twitter. Please visit often and feel free to post your comments, questions, etc. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to keeping you and your mascot program safe, successful, and cutting edge! 

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